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Vikaura in the Media

Bloggers everywhere are talking about Vikaura! Check out some of our recent press coverage below and don't forget to back us on Kickstarter before our campaign ends on February 3rd.


Smartphone Memory Booster, Keyboard App, Messaging Ink Screen Seek Funding Support
Tech Times | 1.22.15

Vikaura Screen Sports An E Ink Display
Ubergizmo | 01.21.15

Vikaura Screen with E Ink display will connect you to your world through your smartphone
NewLaunches | 01.20.15

Vikaura Screen is a photo frame for what's on your phone
Trusted Reviews | 01.20.15 

“Vikaura Screen" the Perfect Shopping Find for Everyone
Korean Doll | 01.16.15 

Vikaura Wireless E-ink Display: What's Black & White & Bluetooth All Over?
Technabob | 01.16.15

Innovative Tech for Everyone "The Vikaura Screen"
Angela Ricardo | 01.14.15

Vikaura wants to bring data from your phone into the world around you
Android Community | 01.12.15

Vikaura's E-ink Picture Frames Are Quietly Picking Up Backers on Kickstarter
The Digital Reader | 01.12.15

The Vikaura Screen, Unleash Your Smartphone
Best Crowdfunding Websites | 01.11.15

Awesome Stuff: CES Edition
Techdirt: Innovation | 01.10.15

Carrie Carlino and Team Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Introduce Vikaura Screen
Digital Journal | 01.09.15

11 New Gadget Kickstarters You Want to See (and Back)
GeekDad | 01.09.15

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