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How it Works

The Vikaura Screen comes with an easy to use app that permits your smartphone to couple via bluetooth with your Vikaura Screen.  Once you have paired your devices you have 3 ways to drive content to your screen.

1) Direct link. Send a picture or message from your smartphone directly to your Vikaura Screen. You can also add text or emojis onto your images for display.

Send content from smart phone
Vikaura screen receives and updates.


2) App linking Feature.  You can enable friends, colleagues, and family members to link to your Vikaura Screen and send images and messages through your smartphone and onto your Vikaura Screen.

Once enabled, app linked friends and family members can send photos and texts from their smartphones
Your smartphone automatically receives and pushes the image to your Vikaura screen.  All while your smartphone is locked.
New pictures arrive automatically without the need for interaction.


3) Feeds Feature.You can subscribe to feeds (news, weather updates, daily calendars) that will automatically push information through your smartphone and onto your Vikaura Screen.

Subscribe to feed.
Information is received by smartphone and is pushed to Vikaura Screen.
Information arrives automatically with no need for interaction.

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